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Services Offered

Are you interested in learning: To paint?  Calligraphy? Host a painting party?  Pour Painting?  Front Porch Welcome Signs?  Detergent bottles for your kitchen sink?  Children's lessons? TWO DAY FINE ART PAINTING SEMINAR? Summer Camps?  Custom artwork?  Vision Board Workshops? After School Program?


Let's Paint!

Call and make an appointment and start creating art.

$40 per class plus supplies.

1-2 hours.


Children's Lessons

For children up to age 11.  Six  1  to 2 hour classes where I provide paint and brushes.  Canvases are available for purchase in the studio.  This series is $231.  If a student wants to continue after the initial series, it is $40 per session.  After 6 classes with me you are asked to provide all supplies.

After School Programs

The after school program allows kids to explore their creativity and wonder. Classes are $65 a month and are on Mondays from 4-5pm. Class sizes are limited so get in touch with us to reserve your spot!  By popular request this program is continuing through the summer of 2021.


Summer Camps

Ages 6 and up:  Currently Summer Camps are listed through:

Facebook page: FPC Community Connect

Registration is directly through

Stella Walker,  

Seating is limited so call 785-564-0008 to reserve your seat.  Payment may be made through PayPal or Venmo at (another path to Venmo is @Stella-Walker-5) Payment reserves your seat.

Summer Camp.JPG
Myra and kids.JPG


TWO HOUR PARTY where each participant completes a painting to take home.  Medium:  Acrylic, 2 hours, $35 per seat.  16X20 or smaller Stretched canvas.  Capacity for party 3 to 14.  Reservations required. Any refreshments are to be provided by the hostess.

Pour Painting

POUR PAINTING --  $40 per person PLUS you purchase your own canvas, whatever size you want.   Call to schedule an individual or party setting.  A Pour Painting party is $40 per seat.  3-14 painters.


Calligraphy Lessons

Two Hours each: Six classes.  Ages: First Grade and Up $210 plus supplies for six classes.  Supply cost is approximately $25 (one time fee).  Regular Calligraphy class is $40 per class per person if you are not purchasing the six.  You will still have your supply one time expense.

CK calligraphy.JPG


Our two day seminars usually take place on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am-3pm. The total for the seminar is $175 a person. If you aren't sure you want to buy new supplies, just email me for a list. We also have supplies available to rent or buy at the studio, just be sure to let us know beforehand. 


Welcome Signs

Paint a WELCOME sign for your front porch.  You have to come in a few times to complete this project. Call to schedule a session. $75 to completion. 

porch signs.JPG

Vision Boards

For individuals or Team Building experience for businesses.  This 3 to 4 hour workshop is a designated time to focus on what is important in life.  Some have gone so far as to call it life changing.  Led by Stella Walker, training from Vision Board Workshop Pro.  $65 Complete.  Take home your board and a lot of life enhancing insight.

vision board cala.JPG

Glass Painting

We are painting on all sorts of glass.  Right now Wine Bottles that will be used as detergent holders for your kitchen sink.  Durable and long lasting!  Vinegar and oil cruets, mason jars for pencil holders. Can usually be painted in one 2  hour session. $40 per person per session.

Then the item needs to set in the studio for 21 days to cure.  So if you want to do some for gifts, allow for curing time when it cannot be touched or moved.

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